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Commercial Description

Bestone is a Solid Surface, which is compound by an extraordinary formula with a polyester/acrylic and minerals a 100% pure, which makes it in a sustainable product, due to the fact that the formula with renewable good materials or from natural renewable sources.

Bestone is resistant to the stains because of its non-porous surface and therefore don’t absorbed humidity; has a high resistance to impact, much more than the natural stones used in the manufacture of surfaces.

Can handle temperatures until 185°C (365°F), is totally repairable. Due to its homogenous material in all its thickness, it’s not a simple thin layer with cobbering. Bestone is so hygienic that it can be in direct contact with the food without contamination, this happens because of its compact surface that makes almost impossible for the bacteria to find a place were to be nested.

Bestone has a wide range in color, sinks, tub surround, shower walls and the most important is that it can be shaped into practically any form. Besides, is also available in kitchen countertops and shower, center islands, tabletops, counters and many more uses, that make this an excellent option for residential and commercial use.