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Solid Surface FAQ'S

What is Bestone solid surface?

Bestone solid surface material is made from a highly durable, non-porous polyester/acrylic composition that resists stains and heat up to 185°C (365°F). We formulated our material specifically for the performance characteristics needed for bath vanity tops and bowls. Bestone surfaces are renewable throughout their lifetime and clean easily with an abrasive cleaner. A Scotch-Brite® pad easily removes tougher stains like coffee, juice, berries and burns.

Aren't all solid surface product the same?

Not all solid surfaces are created equal. While some make the solid surface claim, often they're not a true, 100% solid surface and cannot offer the chip, scratch, stain and heat resistance of Bestone. The non-porous polyester/acrylic composition of a Bestone solid surface, makes it superior for vanity top and sinks applications.

How do BESTONE solid surface products differ from other solid surface brands?

While the performance characteristics of true solid surfaces may be comparable, Bestone products are available in a wide variety of colors, styles and sizes. As if that were not enough, we are able to match custom colors, as well as developing complex molded shapes, due to our highly tech laboratory and our design center.

How do I clean my solid surface sink and vanity top?

Wipe clean with a damp sponge or cloth for normal cleaning. Basic stains disappear with a mild detergent while persistent stains require an abrasive cleaner and a green Scotch-Brite pad. Periodically scrub the entire surface in a circular motion with an abrasive cleaner and Scotch-Brite pad to maintain a uniform appearance.

Can I use a Bestone undermount sink with another brand of solid surface countertop? With granite countertops?

Yes, solid surface fabricators across the country are seaming Bestone undermount bowls to most major brands of solid surface countertops to create the seamless appearance desired in the kitchen. Professional installers can easily mount Bestone sinks under granite countertops to achieve a beautiful contrasting look between natural stone and solid surface.

Are porcelain bowls better than solid surface?

No, but the porcelain offers the consumer the option of having a bowl with a glossy shine.

Does Bestone solid surface sinks and bowls, requires special plumbing fixtures to be installed?

No, the same plumbing fixtures which are standard to any sink can be used for the Bestone products installation.

Why Bestone solid surface, is better than cultured marble counter tops?

Cultured marble is manufactured with a thin translucent resin coat on the surface. The color and texture are just in the surface layer. The cultured marble is not reparable or renewable as Bestone, can be broken and wears out over time. Once it’s damaged, a cultured marble surface loses the original glow. Also, cultured marble is less impact resistance than Bestone and can develop cracks. Due to the fact that the cultured marble is porous, can absorb humidity and stains easily once the gel layer is damaged. Besides this, cultured marble do not offer the color warm and sensation which feels in a Bestone solid surface.